3 Free Marketing Ideas for Your Pest Control Company

With the pest control industry growing rapidly, it’s important to use marketing strategies for your pest control business to boost more leads, acquire new customers and stand out amongst the competition. 

Even if you are an expert at pest control and running your business, you may not consider yourself a marketing guru. Luckily, marketing doesn't have to be intimidating or out of reach, even if your budget is facing constraints. These three ideas can help generate a lot of attention about an interest in your services, and the only thing they'll cost you is a little bit of time.


1. Maximize Online Reviews

According to information from the Pew Research Center, the vast majority (81%) of Americans conduct their own research when making major decisions. It is fair to say that deciding who to hire for pest control services can be grouped with other home purchases as a major decision for many households. You have the power to maximize your online presence by making reviews a key component of your reputation management strategy.

You might be wondering what is so magical about online reviews. The reality is that people trust online reviews to provide accurate information and opinions about products and services. In fact, research indicates that more than 90% of U.S. adults read online reviews and that an overwhelming 84% of them trust the opinions expressed in those reviews as much as those of their friends. Some of the most popular resources for online reviews include:

  • Google 
  • Yelp
  • Company Websites
  • Social Media
  • Home Advisor
  • Yellow Pages

Reviews work really well, but you can't just expect people to submit them automatically. Instead, they should be cultivated. Be sure to mention to every client that reviews are appreciated. You might even use an email or text reminder to prompt action. Keep in mind that not all reviews are going to be glowing. Be sure to address any concerns or complaints that pop up so that potential customers see you are concerned and working to improve.


2. Share Information on Social Media

According to DataReportal, there are a staggering 3.8 billion unique social media users in the world — that's nearly half of the global population! That means you have plenty of opportunities to easily and quickly engage and interact with them. There are numerous social media platforms, but it is best to focus your pest control marketing efforts on those with the most reach.

At the very least, your pest control company should have a Facebook page. Facebook is the largest of all the social media platforms, and there are things you could be doing to maximize your reach through it. Consider sharing posts about your employees and customers (with consent, of course). You can also share photos and videos of how your business engages with the local community. 

Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook, so the learning curve for it is generally pretty minimal. This platform is a great tool if you have a lot of visual information to share. Use it to share pictures of insects to help people make identifications, home damage that can happen if you don't eliminate common pests like termites or carpenter ants, or unusual things that your technicians come across while working. That swarm of honey bees might seem terrifying to some, but a good picture of it will probably get shared quite a bit.


3. Engage Through Facebook Groups

More and more people are turning to online groups to create and foster bonds. People often use Facebook Groups to share information about local events and happenings. Are you maximizing their potential reach for your pest control company? One of the best things about using Facebook Groups is that many neighborhoods and cities already have existing groups. You can use these groups to connect with people who seeking local pest control recommendations. Your existing customers may also be members of local Facebook Groups and will be able to recommend and tag your business. This is a great way to network and engage with your local community for free.

A well-thought-out marketing strategy can help you reach a wide audience with a minimal budget. That can help you grow your pest control business. Contact Briostack today to see how our pest control software can help you streamline customer communications and give you more time to dedicate to marketing your business.