Pest Control Bidding

Our pest control estimating software enhances bidding efficiency by enabling you to preset pricing, service categories, and bid types. In a few clicks, your techs can bid on termite and other pest jobs, complete with proposed services, pricing, photos, and annotated diagrams.


Accelerate your pest control estimating process by generating professional proposals anywhere, anytime.

  • Pre-set bid types and service categories for faster bidding.
  • Rank bid interest so you work the best opportunities first.
  • Quickly share bids with clients from the web or mobile app.
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Stay up-to-date and in control of every renewal opportunity for termite or bed bug warranties.

  • Select the warranty type and start date based on your preferences.
  • Receive an automated renewal notification for expiring warranties.
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Pricing Calculator

Take the guesswork out of pest control estimates. Our Pricing Calculator means accurate service pricing across every bid from every tech.

  • Set service pricing by square foot or flat rate
  • Avoid calculation errors and inaccurate bids
  • Standardize pricing across your business
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Pest Control Diagramming

Goodbye, pen and paper drawings! With our powerful diagramming tool, your team will use high-resolution satellite images of any property to create visually engaging, annotated pest control diagrams.

Diagramming Annotation 

Our terminate graph software enables your techs to annotate bait station locations, add job notes, and calculate the property’s square footage.

  • Annotate essential details for future treatment visits.
  • Attach annotated diagrams to bids and share with customers.
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Pest Control Bidding & Diagramming Software FAQs

How Does Briostack’s Bidding Software Work? 
Briostack’s pest control estimating software standardizes bids to protect your profits and speed up your sales workflow. In the software, you can preset bid types, service categories, and pricing—whether by square footage or flat rate. In the field, your techs can use the Briostack mobile app to input information for the client and quickly generate an accurate bid. With a few clicks, they can share the proposal with the customer, who can review and respond through a client portal. The result is a more efficient estimate and proposal process that takes you from bid to booked in minutes.
How Does Briostack’s Diagramming Software Work? 
Briostack replaces your pen and paper sketches with highly detailed digital diagrams. To get started, your tech searches the client’s address in our diagramming tool. The system will provide a high-resolution satellite image. Your tech can graph the property, calculate square footage, add notes, and annotate bait station locations for termites and other pest jobs.
What Stands Out About Briostack’s Bidding & Diagramming Features?
Unlike outdated pest control software, Briostack is built to be fully functional in the field. With the Briostack mobile app, your techs are empowered to complete every step in the estimating process. Briostack lets techs set bid types, select services, log job notes, draw treatment diagrams, and send bids to customers—all without calling the home office.
How Can Briostack’s Bidding & Diagramming Features Help My Business? 
Briostack increases your operational efficiency to bid and win jobs faster and outpace your competitors. Our pest control estimating software saves your team time on every proposal by letting you preset bid types and service categories. The pricing calculator reduces human error and ensures your profits are protected. Finally, the Briostack termite graph software utilizes satellite images, so you can quickly diagram a property, calculate its square footage, and annotate bait station placement. Best of all, you can do all of this in the field with our mobile app!

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