Pest Control CRM

Your customers are your most powerful assets. Give them the best possible experience with Briostack pest control CRM. Our field service management software simplifies and optimizes all the customer management and business processes that eat up so much of your time when you tackle them manually.

Comprehensive Customer 
& Executive Dashboards

See all your high-level business and customer information in one system. Gain valuable insight into the customer experience and the performance of your business with our comprehensive dashboards.

  • Add new customer information and toggle between Comprehensive or Lightning field views based on your collection preferences.
  • Manage new and existing leads and quickly access important customer data with Global Customer Search.
  • Use the Customer Summary Page to access your customers’ most frequently asked questions and provide actionable insights for your sales teams.
  • View important information quickly, including the total number of customers, the number of active services, accounts receivable, and your attrition rate.
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Automated Customer 
Communications Center 

Manage all customer communications and notifications through our pest control software’s customizable message center.

  • Automate appointment and billing reminders.
  • Send quotes and invoices.
  • Set service reminders to send automatically based on service type.
  • Batch customer communications.
  • Customize communication methods based on user preference—whether email, text, phone, or mail.
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Tailored Pest Control 
Workflows and Templates

With workflows and templates built especially for pest control by industry experts with over 25 years of experience in the field, Briostack helps you deliver the best experience for your customers.

  • Customize our service-based templates with price costs and reoccurring appointments.
  • Ensure consistency when you preset service-specific templates everyone on your team can access and use.
  • View and customize all your workflows, from task management to scheduling.
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Pest Control CRM FAQs

What is the Difference Between a CRM & Sales Software?
The difference between customer relationship management (CRM) and sales software comes down to its primary focus. While both work together to truly power a business, CRM software focuses on managing customer relationships and fostering a positive customer experience. Your sales, customer service, and marketing teams can all tap into your CRM software to track leads, access customer data, and communicate with customers. Sales software, on the other hand, centers around prospects and sales management. It can help you automate sales tasks and enhance the sales process for your sales team. Once a prospect becomes a customer, their data can be transferred and monitored in your CRM.
How Does Briostack’s CRM work?
Briostack’s CRM simplifies customer relations and management for commercial and residential pest control businesses. With our pest control software, you can customize communications based on what your customers want, automate appointment and billing reminders, manage new and existing leads, and give your sales teams the insights they need to win more jobs.
What Stands Out About Briostack’s CRM Features?
With Briostack CRM, we make it easy to give your customers the best possible experience. When it comes to notifications, everything is fully customizable. You can create and then bulk send reminders and updates directly from the software via email, text, phone, or mail—whatever matches your customers’ preferences! Briostack was created by industry experts with over 25 years of experience in the field. Our streamlined CRM workflows are built specifically for the pest control industry.
How Can Briostack’s CRM Features Help My Business?
Our CRM will help your commercial and/or residential pest control business focus its energy on what truly matters—providing excellent service for your customers and growing your business. CRM software automates a lot of notification tasks and provides important insights you can use to improve your sales, marketing, and customer service. You’ll save so much time on your business processes when you choose Briostack as your all-in-one pest control software solution.

"We have been able to be 30-40% more efficient in our staffing and are able to get it done even better than before."


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