Pest Control Sales Management

Get a clear picture of all your sales activity and potential with our pest control sales software. Assign sales territories and give your teams all the tools they need to price jobs, create proposals, and win more sales.  

Sales Territory Assignments

Empower your sales team to win more business when you assign sales territory.

  • Give your sales leaders the power to highlight and assign sales territories by technician.
  • Filter and view all your active assignments by area or field tech.
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Go from bid to booked in minutes with Briostack. Simplify your proposal process and give your team all the info they need at their fingertips.

  • Allow your team to send professional and reliable proposals whether they are in the office or in the field with the Tech App or the Briostack web browser.
  • Create proposals with ease with preset bid types and service categories. You can even rank bid interest levels.
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Pricing Calculator

The flexibility to price your way! Help your team take the guesstimate out of pricing with Briostack’s all-new Pricing Calculator.

  • Set up service pricing by square footage or a flat rate, and standardize across your whole team.
  • Ensure your clients are always given the right price.
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Pest Control Sales App

Increase productivity and improve sales performance with the Briostack Sales Tech App for residential and commercial business pest control businesses.

  • Effectively manage your field technicians.
  • Optimize scheduling and dispatching.
  • Track work progress in real time.
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Pest Control Lead Management

With pest control lead prospecting software, you’ll never miss out on any sales opportunities again. The easy-to-use app makes it easy to create new leads, add new customers, and view existing customer info. 

Lead Management

Expand and track your reach in realtime.

  • Use the Tech App or Briostack’s web application to manage all your leads.
  • Allow your sales team to access lead info and provide accurate quotes in the field.
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New Customer Creation

You have maximum control over how you want to add new customers to your system and schedule their first appointments.

  • Toggle between Comprehensive and Lightning field views, based on how you want to collect customer info.
  • Access the Quick Scheduler directly from the customer’s profile to easily schedule or reschedule appointments, based on tech availability and route optimization.
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Pest Control Sales & Lead Management Software FAQs 

How Does Briostack’s Pest Control Lead Management Software work? 
Pest control lead prospecting software makes lead generation and management easier than ever. In real-time, reps can create leads, sign up new customers, and see existing customers from one easy-to-use app.
How Does Briostack’s Pest Control Sales Software work?
Briostack pest control sales software simplifies and improves sales management for your commercial or residential business. From within the sales app, you can create and manage sales territories. And our analytics tools make tracking and reporting on sales a breeze.
What Stands Out About Briostack’s Sales & Lead Management Features?
With Briostack sales and lead management software, everything you need to win more customers and business is in one place. Keep track of your leads season to season and act when the time is right. Give your sales reps a fun and motivating experience with the Sales Leaderboard. By gamifying the sales process, you can incentivize your high performers with a little friendly competition. The leaderboard is customizable, so you can view and report on company-wide or territory-specific winners.
How Can Briostack’s Sales & Lead Management Featues Help My Business?
Our sales and lead management software will take your commercial and/or residential pest control business to the next level. You need simple, easy-to-use software so your sales staff—whether they are seasoned reps or new hires—can hit the ground running. Briostack’s sales and lead management features deliver. Follow up on leads, drive more sales, and watch your business grow.

"We have been able to be 30-40% more efficient in our staffing and are able to get it done even better than before."


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