Pest Control Scheduling

Managing the scheduling for your pest control business is a huge and complex undertaking. Luckily, there’s an easier and time-saving way to schedule jobs with Briostack pest control scheduling software.  

Intuitive, Flexible Scheduling Options 

Bring consistency and flexibility into your job scheduling with Automated Servicing Scheduling, Twice-Monthly Scheduling, and Custom Appointment Sequencing.  Briostack ensures operational efficiency for services that require multiple visits, like bed bugs, termites, etc.

  • Automatically preset the number, duration, and types of visits necessary.
  • Set seasonal appointments and templates for spacing out each type of service by number of days.
  • Specify week of the month and day of the week appointments for twice-monthly service appointments.
  • Get customers scheduled quickly and efficiently when you set up timelines for each type of pest control service you offer.
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Bulk Rescheduling & SMS Messaging

When it comes to rescheduling multiple appointments or quickly sending ALL of your customers an important, timely update, our pest control software makes it easy.

  • Reschedule appointments by tech or branches—whatever your team needs—without having to reschedule appointments one by one
  • Update your customers by SMS all at once about last-minute weather delays or office closures.
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Customizable & Automated 
Service-Based Reminders

Use preset service-specific reminders and communications to ensure your customers are always ready for their commercial or residential pest control service.

  • Keep customers updated with timely, customizable service reminders and work orders.
  • Send automated text, call and email appointment reminders and notifications
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Servicing Reports

Easily access and review out-of-the-box reports and manage your business more efficiently than ever! And for our California pest control businesses, long gone are the days of submitting monthly paper reports to CalAg.

  • Choose from a variety of ready-to-go servicing reports, including Tech Completion Summary, Tech Reservice Summary, and Completion Detailed Reports.
  • Save time and ensure compliance when submitting CalAg reports each month with Briostack’s seamless integration.
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Pest Control Routing

Plans for your pest control business can change daily—stay on track with route optimization. Our powerful pest control routing software plans optimal routes for your field techs to and between your customers each day. And we’ll automatically calculate new routes if needed. 

Briostack tech route screenshot

Route Optimization

With our routing software for your pest control business, you don’t have to worry about your technicians wasting any more time on the road or spending extra money on gas.

  • Give all your employees in the field the most optimized driving routes.
  • Visualize routes easily with route mapping and GPS tracking.
  • Offer faster service and reduced wait times for your customers.
  • Ensure a seamless and positive customer experience with on-time appointments.
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briostack tech app screenshots

Pest Control Tech App

Empower your techs in the field with paperless tools that function with or without data connectivity and allow for increased flexibility and autonomy. Everything you need to do to run your business, you can do through our mobile app.

  • Use your iOS or Android device to manage routes, complete jobs, and report on chemical usage, on the go.
  • Get real-time updates on jobs from the field.
  • Eliminate paper forms and lose the clipboard.
  • Give your techs control of their schedules and route.
  • Optimize routes as you drive, with turn-by-turn recommendations.
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Pest Control Routing & Scheduling Software FAQs

How Does Briostack’s Pest Control Routing Software Work? 
As a Briostack subscriber, our pest control routing software is available to you right away—no extra costs or modules to install. The route optimizer ensures your field techs are driving the most efficient routes. Unlike other routing software, with Briostack you’ll see actual driving routes and distances on a map.
How Does Briostack’s Pest Control Scheduling Software Work? 
Briostack’s pest control scheduling software works to save you time spent on job scheduling and free up paper processes. The software allows you to dynamically manage tech schedules across multiple work units or branches. With our scheduler, you can:
  • Automatically generate best-fit recommendations for new work orders.
  • Create and manage multiple work units.
  • See jobs in a calendar or map view and filter by branches and techs.
  • Use the bulk mover to easily move jobs between branches and techs.
What Stands Out About Briostack’s Routing & Scheduling Features?
It’s true you can put the time into managing your pest control company’s routing and scheduling needs manually, but do you really want to? Briostack’s Routing and Scheduling features help you customize and automate your processes to work the way YOU want to, not the other way around. You’ll save time with customizable notifications, bulk scheduling and rescheduling, and route optimizations. In the scheduling hub, you can view and filter color-coded appointments by service category and distance so you can visualize your job schedule in the way that works best for you.

"We have been able to be 30-40% more efficient in our staffing and are able to get it done even better than before."


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