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As of 2020, there were more than 223 million Facebook users in the U.S. – and this figure is expected to go as high as 235.15 million by 2025. Facebook’s track record through the years only goes to show that it remains to be one of the best marketing channels there is. In fact, some of the world’s biggest brands, like Samsung, Coca-Cola, and Netflix, maintain dedicated Facebook pages with millions of followers.

But, of course, Facebook is for everyone – not just big businesses. A lot of small and medium-scale enterprises also use Facebook to engage with their customers, generate leads, and share updates or information.

Even pest control companies can benefit from having their own Facebook page and community. The social media platform has several features that pest control companies can use to promote their products and services and to build brand awareness.

However, with the many options available, using Facebook for marketing purposes can get confusing. Therefore, extermination services looking to build a Facebook page or optimize their existing social media presence should start with a few basic features.

A pest control software company shares the following four ways to use Facebook to attract customers.

1. Engaging With The Local Community Via Facebook Groups

Companies can get their pest control business in front of their desired customers by joining or creating a Facebook group. Users from all across social media platforms interact with others to discuss businesses, products, and services in a specific industry through Facebook groups.

For example, homeowner Facebook groups in certain states or communities are a good place to start. People belonging to these groups would be focused on discussing anything and everything that affects them as homeowners. Topics for discussion would include the cost of utilities and services (including pest control) and even inquiries about such.

Relevant local Facebook groups can also give pest control technicians some insights into what consumers are unhappy about when it comes to the businesses they deal with.

Extermination services can participate in pest control-related discussions. By establishing themselves as trustworthy sources of information, pest control services can leverage their Facebook presence to build trust and goodwill, as well as boost their follower numbers organically.

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2. Using Facebook Ads To Promote Their Business Locally

There are different Facebook advertisement formats to choose from, such as carousel, image, and video ads. Each kind of ad allows users to set demographic filters and boost posts.

Pest control companies can maximize their Facebook ads budget by opting to advertise locally so they only get relevant results. And they don’t even need to start with a big budget – Facebook ads give users the flexibility to schedule their ads and set a specific budget for their campaign.

With Facebook, pest control technicians can target people who’ve shown interest in or searched for the term “pest control.” These people are likely to be new homeowners or those who live in areas where specific pest control concerns are quite common.

Best of all, Facebook ads give business owners the chance to interact with leads directly – whether it’s through comments, shares, or messages.

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3. Posting Organically About Community Events Or Their Community Involvement

Facebook allows pages and groups to create, post, and hold events online or offline. If there are local offline community events where pest control technicians can participate, such as a community cleanup drive, these can also be posted on the company’s Facebook page.

Whether the pest control service is holding or participating in an online or offline community event, what’s important is to use eye-catching, high-quality photos or videos. If, for example, the extermination service is holding a free Facebook live Q&A session on pest control, there should be regular posts announcing the same.
During the live session itself, the extermination service should be prepared to present visuals and interact with their audience. After the event, they can post highlights of the live session, as well as some of the most useful and relevant Q&As in text format.

These types of posts work great in generating interest as well as goodwill toward a brand. Participating in or holding events that benefit the community, online or offline, shows people that a company cares. After all, marketing isn’t all about the hard sell anymore; it’s more about showing how companies care for society and the environment.

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4. Offering Special Discounts To Facebook Followers

Everyone loves deals and promotions, whether it’s sales, discounts, or freebies.
Pest control companies looking to boost their followership organically can promote special discounts designed to benefit confirmed Facebook followers. The companies can even gamify their promotion by increasing the discount percentage based on the number of times a follower shares their Facebook page or a specific post that they want to boost organically.

There are many more ways pest control companies can utilize Facebook to not only increase and convert leads but also to boost website visits and enhance brand awareness. These four tips are a great place to start.


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