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Briostack is a powerful pest control software that empower you to improve efficiencies, drive more revenue, and improve customer satisfaction—all from a single, easy-to-use solution. See how our features help pest control companies surpass their growth goals.

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Optimize Your Pest Control Office

Your office staff is being pulled in 100 directions at once. They are scheduling jobs, handling customer service calls, managing billing, and so much more. Briostack Office is designed to streamline all the work this staff does increasing efficiency and reducing costs. The best part is, it's so easy to use that your staff will be up and running in no time.

Reduce Time Spent on Scheduling

Managing technicians' schedules on paper is a bulky, complicated, and just plain boring way to operate. Our scheduler allows you to dynamically manage tech schedules across multiple work units or branches. 

See how you can:
  • Automatically generate best-fit recommendations for new work orders
  • Create and manage multiple work units
  • See jobs in a calendar or map view and filter by branches and techs
  • Use the bulk mover to easily move jobs between branches and techs
CRM + Messages

Streamline Customer Relationship Management

The pest control industry is driven by word of mouth, making your customer your most powerful asset. Our CRM makes it easier than ever to give every customer the red carpet experience. 

See how you can

  • Customize communication methods based on user preference
  • Automate appointment and billing reminders
  • Manage new and existing leads
  • Provide actionable insights for your sales teams

Optimize Business and Accounting Operations

Time is money and you are always torn between driving new customers or completing more jobs, and managing the day-to-day of your business. Briostack Office gives you the insights and tools you need to be able to do both. 

See how you can: 

  • Manage accounts receivable
  • Coordinate automated billing reminders
  • Create insightful dashboards and reports so you can manage your business at a glance 
Office - Revenue forecasting - activity type

Additional Features

Dashboards & Reporting

Review out-of-the-box reports that make managing your business easier than ever.

Marketing Campaigns

Plan, launch, and manage cross-discipline demand generation campaigns.

Project & Task Management

Create and manage tasks to coordinate activities between office, tech, and sales.

"We have been able to be 30-40% more efficient in our staffing and are able to get it done even better than before."

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Enable Your Techs

Paper invoices, chemical tracking forms, and lack of data connectivity are just a few of the many problems your techs are facing every day as they complete their routes. Briostack Tech was designed to alleviate these challenges by providing paperless tools that function with or without data connectivity. 

Go Paperless on iOS and Android

Briostack Tech gives your field technicians all the tools they need to manage their routes, complete jobs, and report on chemical usage. Losing the clipboard allows techs to be more present with customers and get in and out more quickly.

See how you can:
  • Complete and report jobs with or without data connectivity
  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Get real-time updates on jobs from the field
Briostack tech app
Tech - Map view

Increase tech flexibility and autonomy

Briostack Tech allows field technicians to optimize their own routes, reschedule jobs using best-fit recommendations, and get turn-by-turn route recommendations. Empowering your team like this improves efficiency and morale.

See how you can

  • Get real-time schedule and route updates
  • Optimize routes and get turn-by-turn recommendations
  • Give your techs control of their schedule and route


Improve office and field alignment

In order to remain compliant with industry regulations, it is important for your field to be in lockstep with your office. As new forms and regulations are released, having a centralized location to manage all documents simplifies this process. 

See how you can: 

  • Manage all documents from a single location
  • Use bar code scanning to track, manage, and report on every job
  • Create tasks from the field for office staff to follow-up on
Briostack Tech

Additional Features

Tech Tracking

Getrack technicians throughout the day as they complete jobs

Access Support Content

Access all support content, video tutorials, and other materials from the field.

Sell New Customers

Sell new customers directly from the tech app as you complete your daily routes.

"We have saved 30 minutes per day for each technician by not being a slave to the pen."


Drive Sales

The pest control industry is notorious for having a high turnover rate of sales staff. This attrition leads to prohibitive training and onboarding costs. Briostack Sales was designed to be so simple and easy to use that you can get new staff up and running in hours, making it easier than ever to grow your business.

Simplify the Sales Process

Briostack Sales allows reps to create leads, sign up new customers, and see existing customers from one easy-to-use app.

See how you can:
  • Disposition new leads for follow-up so you never miss out on golden opportunities
  • Eliminate paper invoices
  • Access support content from the field
Sales - New Lead Forms
Sales - Territories

Improve Sales Management

Within the sales app you can create and manage sales territories. Assign teams to specific territories and use our analytics tools to track and report on performance by territory and rep. 

Gamify the Sales Experience

Every sales team is different, but one thing they have in common is that competition is their biggest motivator. Use the Briostack Sales Leaderboards to incentivize this competitive spirit.

You can view and report on company-wide leaderboards as well as territory-specific for different incentives. 

Sales - Leaderboard

"Because of the simplicity of the software, anyone can do it."

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