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The pest control market is now more competitive than ever, with digital innovation being a key driver for increasing market share and business growth. With the right pest control software, even a fledgling pest control business can develop from being a struggling enterprise into a highly profitable operation.

By using the right kind of mobile web technology or app, it’s possible to manage a pest control business with minimal stress and a high level of efficiency. Since most pest control technicians have a smartphone, integrating a mobile app into a pest control business will be a breeze.

But with so many options available on the market, zeroing in on the best pest control software could be complicated. Therefore, it pays to know what features are important in a pest control technician mobile app.

To make business decision-making easier, below are 6 top mobile app features a pest control business should be on the lookout for:

1. Offline Capabilities

Even with the advent of the internet and widespread connectivity, there will be instances when customers are located in areas with poor cell signal.

Therefore, it’s crucial for a PCO to use an app that lets their technicians access the information they need while out on the field – even when data connectivity is a problem, such as when they go to a remote area or down a basement.

Technicians should, ideally, be able to view their schedule, optimize their route and log chemicals from their mobile device. Such features should also be accessible from a tablet or smartphone so technicians can forego the paperwork and focus on the job at hand.

2. Easy Updates On Service Notes

The right pest control business mobile app enables technicians to create and update service notes easily from the field using a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Without this feature, a pest control business will have to deal with more calls from technicians out doing their jobs. Each time they deliver a service, they would need to call the office to update service requests in their customer’s account.

This will not only exhaust human resources but may even impact customer service quality (i.e. longer wait or hold times) if the same staff handle incoming tech and customer calls. It would also lead to a tremendous waste of time and resources.

3. Adding Or Scheduling Service Orders While Techs Are Out On The Field

A great pest control technician mobile app would also have a CRM system that’ll allow technicians to not only make several service calls and update service notes, but also add or schedule service appointments in the field. This way, even while technicians are out spraying, they can also schedule or add new work orders easily and quickly without having to call the office or fill out a paper contract.
With these streamlined scheduling capabilities, a pest control business not only increases process efficiency but also improves customer relationships and empowers technicians.

4. Quick “Add-On” Services With Minimal Disruption

There is a lot of opportunity to provide additional services to customers’ homes every single day. Whether it be for bees, red ants, or traps, there’s always an opportunity to provide an additional service. If your technicians are having to call into the office to up-sell a customer, then they probably aren’t doing it and you are leaving revenue on the table. Your software needs to be able to support an ever-changing environment. Your technicians should be able to quickly add add-on services in their mobile app, service the customer and be on their way.

5. Easy Addition Of Site Photos

A great mobile app for pest control technicians would have features they can use to capture and store field data, including media files (photo or video). This frees technicians from the need to make copious notes to be able to describe their field experience or the pest situation or scenario in each customer’s address.

6. Customer Auto Pay Set Up In The Field

Aside from the aforementioned service capabilities, a great mobile pest control technician app can be used for setting up automatic payments or autopay. This is an especially helpful feature that allows technicians to assist elderly or non-tech savvy customers.

Offering autopay set up as a value-added service not only helps strengthen customer relations and goodwill but also ensures bills are paid on each customer’s due date. This helps customers avoid late fees and ensures the pest control company is paid on time, every time.

The Right Pest Control App For Business Growth

Just like other field service companies, pest control businesses face challenges in terms of operational efficiency, customer service and growth. They have a team of technicians to manage in the field, address customer queries and resolve problems, market their services, handle accounting and invoicing, as well as other administrative tasks.

However, pest control companies also have other concerns when it comes to adopting an app to help improve their operations and increase their customer base.


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