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There was a time when field service processes for pest control companies were all manual. The past few years have seen a shift in the paradigm, and pest control companies are transitioning towards digitization and automation for smoother business operations. Using paper-based systems and lack of digitization results in mismanagement between the office staff, technicians, and customers.

To overcome these challenges, pest control companies can use modern technology that allows them to move beyond the pen and paper system to a more streamlined, automated process.

Route optimization is one of the tools that Briostack offers to give a better experience to staff, technicians, and customers. It enables office staff and technicians to make smart scheduling decisions.

Route optimization is a fast and convenient method of assigning technicians, saving on costs, and reducing travel time. Route optimization software can empower your techs to be more flexible, and adjust their schedules on the fly, as well as optimize their routes throughout the workday.

What Are The Benefits Of Route Optimization?

You will likely see numerous benefits when you optimize your pest control routes with a software like Briostack. Here are just a few of the most notable ones:

Happier Staff

Your technicians will be able to increase the service calls that they take, as they will have fewer miles to cover. With Briostack’s route optimization, our customers’ technicians typically take up to one or two calls more a week.  That means less windshield time or driving back and forth to get more information. Plus, with our mobile technology, they’ll get notifications and updates automatically throughout the day, and have the ability to schedule services in the field. This reduces the amount of time spent calling the office. That all translates into happier techs and office staff.

Improved Scheduling

Because optimized routes are incredibly efficient, you will be able to schedule more calls without increasing staff size or hours. That means you can take on more new customers while servicing existing ones — all without cutting corners or rushing through appointments. This allows for pest control companies to become a more efficient field service team.

Less Mileage On Company Vehicles

With some pest control company technicians driving an average of 800 miles per week, saving mileage can make a large impact.  Even though your technicians will be servicing more calls with route optimization, driving times will be reduced. That results in fewer miles on your fleet vehicles, lower fuel costs, and less depreciation, which means lower operational costs for vehicles and increased profits.

More Satisfied Customers

Satisfied customers are the key to a successful business. Yours will appreciate when techs arrive on time and take time to perform each job thoroughly. Barring unforeseen circumstances, route optimization allows them to do just that. Route optimization allows both technicians and customers to rely on a flexible schedule that works for both parties.

Why Use Route Optimization?

Keeping track of multiple technicians using paper and pen can be time-consuming. It can also get messy quickly if there is a mistake or something gets overlooked. Using a cloud-based system, our pest control software allows you to schedule appointments that are convenient for customers and your techs. That helps improve reliability and on-time performance.

Your office staff will find the streamlined scheduling processes makes appointment setting easier and much quicker. There are other advantages, too. Say that a technician calls in sick or runs into an unanticipated problem on a specific job. You can reassign those appointments to another tech without having to check each one for compatibility.

The right software also makes it easy to monitor daily operations. For example, you can filter appointments by specific technicians or branches of your company to make viewing specifics simple. All of these features combine to make route optimization an attractive option for the modern pest control company. It can help you move beyond more traditional methods to reach more customers without sacrificing quality.

How Can You Improve Your Pest Control Routing?

If you are still tracking your appointments and stops on a whiteboard, it may be time to look into new technologies. Our software can help integrate most of the processes you use to run your business. From scheduling and tracking appointments, to knowing which invoices are paid and which ones are outstanding, we can help you stay on top of day-to-day operations.

Let us show you how we can work together to improve your efficiency of delivery, increase employee morale and gain more satisfied and repeat customers. Contact us today to set up a free demo and start growing your pest control business.


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