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Briostack is a pest control software for small businesses to help automate and move your company to the next level. It’s important to find tools that will generate sales, save time and money, and improve customer retention.

We offer useful features such as a customer portal, automated communication and billing, and a tech app to optimize the relationships and processes that are the heart and soul of your business. Whether you use our software through mobile, tablet, or desktop, you will see your company run more smoothly and efficiently through data-driven results.

Running your own pest control business comes with unique challenges and concerns, which is why Brandon Groves, CEO of Briostack, searched the marketplace for software that would automate his business and increase his profits. When the right tools couldn’t be found, Brandon and his team developed Briostack. This business management software was designed specifically for the needs of companies in the pest control industry.

Five Most Popular Features Of Our Pest Control Software For Your Small Business

1. It’s Simple

Briostack’s software was designed to be user-friendly and simple to use. Whether you’re in the office or out on the field, Briostack’s mobile capabilities provide easy access to work that doesn’t depend on your location.

Implementing new technology can bring better productivity and work-life balance to businesses. A common misconception of using any kind of automation software is that it will over complicate the business in which it’s being applied. In addition, many business owners may be intimidated by the implementation of a new technology in their day-to-day work. That’s the opposite of our intention and what our customers have found—but don’t take it from us!

The owners and technicians of Guardian Pest and Lawn Services, LLC, explain how using Briostack pest control business software actually simplified their business:

“It was easy to learn the software, easy to learn the interface, very user friendly. It was a very simple process to train our people how to run through the different aspects of the program….it made our job a lot easier.”

Here at Briostack, we pride ourselves on giving you a product that truly will simplify the day-to-day activities of your company. We developed this pest control software for small businesses with every employee in mind, understanding that it was just as important for technicians and office associates to be able to access and use the software as it is for owners and leaders in your company. It’s a functional way to foster a communicative, collaborative, and productive environment among all team members.

2. Automation

The automation that Briostack offers as part of our software package is what is responsible for saving business owners and employees time and money. Erik Beckstran, the owner of Nomo Pest Solutions, tells us how using Briostack software has saved him 2 to 3 hours of time every day:

“I’d work all day and when I’d get home, I would still have to work. I’d have to charge credit cards, have to get their routes ready, I’d have to get the invoices, do all this extra work that Briostack automates.”

Now with Briostack, Nomo’s employees are saving time and money, allowing the software to handle many tasks that were done manually in the past. Briostack will optimize technician routes for you, send any of your messages via text messages and phone recordings, prepare invoices to be sent to customers and any other necessary billing activities, as well as safely handle all transactions.

Allowing their business to get more work done by consolidating all processes in one platform has raised the bar for many of our clients. Our case studies illustrate our commitment to providing innovative solutions that will streamline workflows and boost profitability.

3. Paperless And Mail

Briostack Software is helping pest control companies save time and money by securing all customer and company information in a paperless system. Erik, a co-owner at Alganix Pest Control in St. George, UT has the following to say about Briostack’s paperless automation.

“Because we’ve been using Briostack over the last year and a half, we’ve been able to go completely paperless. Now, we don’t have to hire two or three extra office staff to take care of our paperwork”

Not only is Alganix seeing savings in printing and paper costs, but they’re saving the salaries of 2-3 people that without this software, they’d need to be paying to handle paperwork. This is a common theme among pest controls using our software, either company owners save the time of handling paperwork themselves, or they see monetary savings by not hiring extra office staff.

In addition to paperless automation, Briostack pest control software for small business also offers an automated mailing system. This system is built so that you can design and create the type of communication you wish to have with your customer. Some companies use this service to send letters or postcards about renewal notices, others use it to increase collections or generate sales.

4. Customer Portal

While Briostack pest control business software is committed to making business easier for you, we’re also committed to giving you a product that will make it easier for your customers. We’ve designed a portal that your customers can access 24/7. This portal will contain all of their billing information, and allow them to update this information at any time.

Paying bills online is an important feature for customers in this day and age, and from this portal, your customers will be able to do so. If they wish to be notified of upcoming appointment dates, they can use this portal to update their information and opt-in to notifications.

Moreover, your customers can score and leave reviews on their technician after every job. Not only does this create an opportunity to improve your online reputation, but it also provides valuable insight on how your technicians are performing. As 93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchase decisions, establishing and maintaining a proper feedback loop among all parties is imperative in running a successful operation.

We often say at Briostack that making things easier for your customers makes things easier for you.

5. Tech App

Perhaps a favorite of all Briostack features is the technician app. This app was designed to empower your company’s technicians, giving them the tools they need while they’re in the field to work as efficiently as possible. The app allows them to stay on schedule by providing convenient options such as:

  • Creating tasks
  • Rescheduling jobs with best-fit routing recommendations
  • Receiving job and customer updates in real-time
  • Getting turn-by-turn directions to any customer’s home
  • Going paperless

The best part yet? These can be done with no data connectivity, so if your technician is working in a rural area, he/she will still have the opportunity to benefit from using this easy app. Daniel, a technician working for Nomo Pest Services, explains another reason why Nomo benefits from using Briostack’s technician app:

“I feel like using an app is good for the customers to see because they can see that we’re innovative and ahead of the time. My favorite features of the tech app are especially the hyperlinks to go into the google maps so when I click on that I know exactly where to go to get to my customers…. I use the tech app every single day with my job, and it’s really great because it helps me stay organized and helps me stay on time. I can’t imagine doing my job without it, it would be too hard.”

This is no surprise as mobile apps save small businesses employees over 725 million work hours per year. Time is money, and here at Briostack, we take this seriously and strive to incorporate efficient tactics for our clients and employees.

Implementing pest control software for your small business doesn’t need to be daunting and stressful. With Briostack, you can seamlessly transition to our software with the help of our support team of account managers, support engineers, and client success managers. We also provide video tutorials and other helpful materials.

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The perfect time is now. We are proud of our product and are excited to show you firsthand what it can do for your company. Learn more today by requesting a free demo to see how we can help your pest control business move forward.


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