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One hundred might sound like a huge number of leads to attract and convert. But with the right strategies in place, you can do it. 

The solution lies in a mix of solid planning, excellent service, and smart marketing. Set clear goals, build a professional business image, and use effective marketing strategies. Then, you can increase your customer base. 

In this article, we’ll explore why setting a goal to get 100 customers is a game-changer for your lawn care business. 

We’ll discuss the importance of building a strong foundation, including how to create a professional image that attracts customers. 

You’ll learn about various marketing strategies that work well for lawn care businesses. We’ll also cover how to leverage customer referrals to boost your numbers. 

Plus, we’ll wrap up with some top takeaway tips you can implement today to move closer to your goal. 

Why Set a Goal to Get 100 Lawn Care Customers? 

Setting a goal to get 100 lawn care customers is a big step for your business. 

Let’s discuss why having so many customers is good for your lawn care business. 

More Money 

As long as your pricing structure is right, you’ll make more money by serving more customers. You can use this surplus cash flow to put back into the business. Buy new equipment or hire help to serve more customers. From there, you can grow your business and reach new heights of success. 

Steady Work 

Having 100 customers means you’ll always have lawns to take care of. You’ll have a regular flow of money coming in, making planning things like buying new lawnmowers or saving for a vacation much easier. 

Word-of-Mouth Marketing 

When you do a great job on someone’s lawn, they’re likely to tell their friends and neighbors. If you impress your 100 customers, they might each tell a friend. Then, you could potentially have 200 customers. 

Special Deals and Offers 

With a bevy of customers, you can start making special deals. For example, you could offer a discount to customers who refer a friend. This keeps your current customers happy and brings in new ones. 

More Feedback 

The more lawns you care for, the more you learn about what works best. Your customers can give you tips on what they like or don’t like, helping you to improve. 

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Building a Strong Foundation as a Lawn Care Business 

Having a professional image is key when you want to get 100 lawn care customers. A professional image shows you’re serious about your work. It makes people trust you more. 

When prospects look at your business, they see if you look like a real business that cares about its work. They look at your business name, logo, how you interact with them, and even your online presence. 

Here’s how to make sure your first impression is a great one: 

Use a Professional Business Name and Logo. 

Your business name and logo are the first things people see. They should be clear and show what your business is about. 

A good name is easy to remember. A great logo looks appealing and is easy to see—even from far away. This ensures people recognize your business. 

Build a Great Website. 

A website is like your business’s home online. It should be easy to use and have all the information people need, like your services and how to contact you. 

A good website helps people see that you’re a preferred choice for their lawn care needs. 

And remember, 79% of consumers look for websites with reviews, so having a section for reviews can really help. 

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Stay Active on Social Media. 

Social media lets you talk to your customers and showcase what your business does. But, if you’re not active, people might think you’re not in business anymore. 

The National Association of Landscape Professionals says, “Utilizing social media is crucial for landscape companies to build their brand, establish credibility, and drive business growth.” 

So, post pictures of your work, share tips, and respond to comments to keep your page lively. 

Encourage Happy Customers to Leave Reviews. 

Good reviews make people more likely to choose your business. Here are three ways to get more reviews: 

After you finish a job, ask your customers if they’re happy and if they can leave a review. 

Make it easy. Send them a link to where they can leave a review. 

Say thank you. When someone leaves a review, thank them. This makes them feel good and shows others you care about customer feedback. 

Improving your professional image is about showing you’re serious, trustworthy, and good at lawn care. With these steps, you’ll attract more customers and get closer to your goal of 100 lawn care customers. 

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Marketing Strategies to Attract Lawn Care Customers 

Effective marketing is critical for securing 100 new lawn care customers. It helps spread the word about your business. People learn about your services and why they should choose you instead of your competition. 

With strong marketing, you can reach more people. You can tell them about your lawn care services and attract new customers to help you reach your goal of 100. 

Here are some high-impact marketing strategies to help you get started: 

Use Targeted Online Advertising. 

Online ads can help you find people who need lawn care. 

PPC, or pay-per-click, is when you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. It’s useful because you can choose who sees your ad. Choose homeowners in your town looking for lawn care or rental property companies needing contract service. 

Start a Direct Mail Campaign. 

Direct mail means sending flyers or postcards right to people’s homes. 

First, think about who would want your service. Maybe it’s families with big yards. 

Then, make a sleek and informative flyer or postcard that tells them about your lawn care service and send it to their homes.  

Companies like PostcardMania will handle every aspect of a direct mail campaign for you, making it even easier to incorporate.  

Try Email Marketing. 

Email marketing is when you email people to tell them about your services. You need their permission first, so ask them to sign up on your website or social media. 

In your emails, share tips for a great lawn and how your service can help them. This keeps you in their mind when they need lawn care. 

Get Involved in Your Community. 

Being part of your community helps people know you and your business. 

You can sponsor a local sports team or help with a community garden. This shows you care about the community and makes people want to support your business. 

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How to Get 100 Lawn Care Customers Through Referrals 

Getting customers through referrals means happy customers tell others about your great lawn care service. 

Good customer service is very important for this. When you make your customers happy, they are more likely to talk about your business to their friends and family. 

Here’s how you can give great service and then get more referrals: 

Celebrate Good Work. 

When someone on your team does an excellent job, make sure they know you appreciate it. This encourages them to keep up the good work. High-quality work makes customers happy and more likely to recommend your service. 

Ask for Feedback. 

After you finish a job, ask your customers about their experience. Use their feedback to make your service even better. This shows you really care about what they think. 

Start a Referral Program. 

Create a referral program. Let your customers know that if they refer someone to you, they get a reward, like a discount on their next service. You can do this in person, on your website, or via email. This is a nice way to thank them for spreading the word about your business. 

Say Thank You. 

Always thank your customers when they refer someone new to you. A simple thank-you note can make them feel valued and keep them talking about your business. 

Keep In Touch. 

Send your customers helpful tips or updates about your service now and then. This keeps your business on their mind, so they’re more likely to mention you to someone who needs lawn care. 

Top Takeaway Tips to Get 100 Lawn Care Customers 

You’re now equipped with the knowledge you need to boost your customer base and reach your goals. 

If you’re eager to start making strides toward 100 customers right now, here are some practical actions you can take immediately: 

Hand Out Business Cards. 

Share your card with anyone you meet who might be interested in lawn care. You can leave business cards with happy clients, who can then share them with friends, family, and colleagues. 

Offer a First-Time Discount. 

Attract new customers with a special deal for their first service. 

Audit Your Social Media. 

Check your social media profiles and make a schedule to post regularly. For example, ask your team to snap before-and-after pictures of their work. 

Use Yard Signs. 

With the homeowner’s permission, place signs on the lawns you service to showcase your work. You may even consider a discount as an incentive for allowing this. 

Review Your Marketing Budget. 

Examine your current spending. Then, consider allocating funds toward paid advertising to reach more potential customers. It’s money well spent. 

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