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When it comes to improving the efficiency of your pest control operations, there are two things you can do today that will make a world of difference: Go paperless and switch to a subscription-based service model. Seriously. That’s it.

Both subscription-based service models and paperless invoicing and billing lend themselves to convenience. Not only will your customers appreciate the improved efficiency of your services, but you will too. If you’re not completely sold, consider these top benefits of subscription invoicing.

Benefits Of Subscription Billing

From complete outfits to monthly meal kits to activity kits for kids, there is a subscription for just about everything. There is a good reason for this: Subscriptions provide benefits to both businesses and consumers. While you might not be able to send a physical object to your customers, your pest control company can benefit in the following ways by converting to a subscription-based service model.

Consistent Cash Flow And Improved Forecasting

When you operate on a non-subscription basis, you may struggle to forecast your workload over the course of the next week, month or year. This can make it difficult for you to determine how many people you need to hire in the coming season, whether you can afford to expand into new territories, how much in marketing you can reasonably spend, etc. In short, not knowing how much you have coming in and when can make it difficult for you to operate your business effectively.

When you enroll customers into a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription, however, you can remove most of the guesswork from your forecasting. While you will have to contend with some variables, such as a credit card not going through or a customer canceling mid-subscription, you will find that several aspects of your business will become far easier to manage when you can accurately predict incoming revenue.

Increased Revenue

Consumers like services they don’t have to think about. If a person has to renew a service each month, he or she is unlikely to do so, if nothing more than out of sheer laziness. Last-minute cancellations, inclement weather, customer conflicts can also account for canceled services.

When you operate on a subscription model, you don’t have to worry about any of those reasons. You can bill a customer at the beginning of the year or month and trust that you will receive payment, even if you or the customer must cancel services for whatever reason. Briostack customers have seen an average increase of 11% in collections improvement once implementing our subscription billing services.

Increased Customer Retention

Customers enjoy several benefits of enrolling in subscription-based services. In terms of pest control specifically, customers who receive monthly or quarterly treatments may find that their annual pest control expenditure goes down. This is because instead of taking a reactionary approach to pests, they are able to avoid costly infestations entirely.

Pest control treatments are one of those services that have a cumulative effect. For example, a single treatment may keep spiders out of the house. A second treatment may deter them from the basement. A third treatment can protect the perimeter of your home. Subsequent visits will only increase the efficacy of each treatment.

Moreover, when you work with customers regularly, you have a better chance of developing real relationships with them. People are more inclined to remain loyal to businesses with which they have a personal connection to the owner or its operators.

Each of these benefits adds up to one thing: customer retention. When you help customers save money, make their lives more convenient and provide them with more value, they are more likely to stick with your service as opposed to shopping around for a new one.

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Why Paperless Invoicing

Now that you’re sold on converting to a subscription-based model, it’s time to explore all the reasons you should go paperless. The most obvious reason is the savings you will enjoy. Cost aside, there are a few other notable benefits.

Increased Efficiency

When you send out a paper invoice, you generally want to do so at least 30 days in advance of the payment due date. However, even with this sizeable window, many people fail to pay their paper bills on time and only remember to pay when they receive a late notice in the mail. You should also consider the costs associated with ink, toner, stamps, and the hours it takes to mail bills.

When you send an invoice digitally, however, you’re likely to speed up that turnaround time by 30 or more days. This means you have access to more revenue far more quickly than had you stuck with paper statements.

More Privacy

You have a duty to protect your customers’ information, which you may find difficult to fulfill when his or her invoice or payment is in transit. With paperless billing and the help of reliable subscription billing software, you can have peace of mind that your customers’ — and your own — information is safe.

Better For The Environment

When you go paperless, you reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Not only should this make you feel good, but it will also make your customers feel good about working with you.

Pest Control Invoicing Software

To reap the aforementioned benefits of an efficient subscription and paperless service model, you need to invest in software that can handle all the logistics for you. Cloud-based pest-control software from Briostack Tech is easy to use yet can improve your office’s efficiency by as much as 40%. From scheduling treatments to managing billing to coordinating tasks between team members, this software is good for so much more than pest control invoicing. Learn more about how to improve your invoice processes and office efficiency today.


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