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For Daniel McGee Wilde, a.k.a. Dan the Bug Man, pest control is a family affair. His grandfather began their journey. Then, his parents joined in. Over 30 years ago, they started their own pest control businesses. By the time Daniel joined them in 2018 they were well-acquainted with all the ins and outs of pest control. 

Eventually, Daniel would branch out. He started his own business—Catchy Pest Solutions—in 2023. Now you’ll find him on YouTube educating and entertaining his 250k followers with bug-killing best practices. And Briostack is honored to have played a part in Daniel’s success! 


After the first couple of years working with his parents, Daniel found himself looking for a way to simplify invoicing. That’s when he came across Briostack. He introduced this new technological standard of service to his parents’ business. 

As tailored pest control management software, Briostack field service management streamlines business operations. It takes care of customers from the first call to the final invoice. This is what initially drew him to the company. Then, he saw the additional benefits. 

The Problem (and The Solution) 

Briostack not only helped improve their invoicing but also increased efficiency and sales. 

“It was a complete game changer for our company. Our sales skyrocketed, and our daily business operations are so efficient and automated with Briostack compared to our old system,” Dan explained. “When we implemented Briostack in 2020, our company was doing annual sales of approximately $400,000. With these sales numbers, we needed two full-time office staff. Now, our company has done 1 million in annual sales over the past year.” Yet, with Briostack, he found the same two staff members could easily handle the increase. 

Beyond that, it has also helped Daniel boost his SEO ranking. The payment link routes directly to his website. This increased traffic and overall visitor numbers. 

Perhaps most importantly, it has streamlined his internal operations. Consistent protocols lead to smooth scheduling and fewer errors. Daniel pointed to Briostack’s automated scheduling as another “unmatched” feature. 

“As soon as an appointment is completed, it schedules the next one. These appointment schedules are very customizable and flexible depending on your company’s preferences,” he explained. 

Once jobs were scheduled, GPS routing made it easier for technicians to take the most efficient route, cutting down on drive time. With the addition of the software, the company was able to increase its residential job load from eight to 10 per day to 12 to 14 per day. And, if any issues arose, customer communication was immediate and automatic. A feature that saved Daniel both time and effort. 

“The time I was wasting calling, emailing, and texting with customers was overwhelming. Briostack automates nearly all communication, which saves me so much time,” he pointed out. 

It offered him easy but accurate reporting and tracking to keep operations moving forward. 

“Every month, I have my technicians do a truck inspection report. Instead of manually reminding them, I now have an appointment show up on the Briostack schedule for each technician. They then complete this appointment and turn in a truck inspection sheet,” Daniel said. 

The Results 

When pest control business owners can focus on the business of doing the actual work, their productivity goes up, and sales follow. 

Daniel gave an example: “We have been able to start doing mosquito treatments every three weeks instead of monthly. This has increased the effectiveness of this treatment. When we started with Briostack in 2020, we had 40 mosquito customers. Now, we have 150 mosquito customers. We have not done any special marketing to get these customers besides word of mouth and just asking our technicians to talk to customers about the service.” 

This year, when Daniel decided to move forward with starting his own business, he revisited the idea of field service software. He took a second look at the market just to see what was out there. In the end, Briostack still had everything he was looking for in terms of managing his business and helping him get it off the ground. He stuck with it. 

“Briostack treated me like I was a brand new customer, even though I already knew how to do everything. They still did their normal meetings just to make sure I was ready to go,” he said. 

Showcasing its versatility, he continued, “I currently use Briostack to handle 100% of my customers. There is not a customer or potential lead that is not handled by the Briostack software. I use it for internal sales marketing, customer communications, invoicing, collecting payments, auto payments, scheduling services, reporting for my accounting, and even internal operations.” 

The Future 

A solid software solution will handle many of the more tedious aspects of running a business. But at some point, users will have a question or problem. The importance of customer service cannot be overstated when it comes to working with a software company. 

Business owners like Daniel encounter situations when a sale can depend on how quickly they can get a problem resolved. The longer it takes, the more likely the customer will go elsewhere. 

“Briostack leaves me with multiple ways to contact them, whether that’s a call, chat, or email. They are always extremely prompt to answer and solve my problem,” Daniel said. “Every single person I have talked to at Briostack has always been friendly and knowledgeable.” 

Briostack knows that customer service extends beyond the day-to-day aspects of using the software. They want pest control experts to have every advantage possible. 

This is why they host an annual conference for their users. Beyond discussing the software, they provide general tips for running a pest control business. 

As Daniel said, “I have learned countless valuable tips and skills from the annual Brio conference. Briostack is not obligated to do this in any way. But every year, they take the time to put this conference together solely for the benefit of their customer.” 

Briostack wants to ensure users get everything they can out of their customer experience. The customer’s success is Briostack’s success. 

“The annual Brio conference is a game changer. It is amazing. Not only does Brio keep you updated on what they are doing as a company, but they also make sure you are up to date on the extensive capabilities of the software. It also truly feels like they want my business to succeed.” 

Ready to see what Briostack can do for you?  

Schedule a demo today to see how Briostack can help you achieve your 2024 goals! 


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