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Brandon Grover’s days at the office were full of phone calls, account maintenance, technicians fulfilling appointments, paperwork, and more. Days at work were long, and he often found himself taking work home with him.

Does that sound familiar?

Brandon searched for tools that would help make his company more efficient, but he felt that what he really needed was not available on the market. So instead of looking further for a solution, he decided to create his own: pest control scheduling software.

Pest Control Scheduling Software

Briostack is a routing and pest control scheduling software designed for pest control businesses to improve efficiency for everyone. Sales reps, technicians and all office workers benefit from the tools Briostack offers.

Implementing a pest control software can help you and your employees spend time on the job more effectively and improve the work being done. Not only that, but having your business through software all in one place grants you much easier control of the company.

Grow your business by working smarter, not harder.

Using software to schedule your appointments, establish an efficient route and keep all the information stored in a central location is the next step to improving your business.

Briostack will allow you to spend more time with your family. It will help you reach goals, grow your business and succeed in a way that you haven’t able to before.

Our Pest control scheduling software can help automate, simplify, and accelerate returns for your business!

Our software includes several features. There are a few important tools we have broken down to highlight how beneficial Briostack can be for your pest control business.

Tech & Sales Apps

Briostack Pest control scheduling software includes two different applications: a sales app and a tech app.

The Sales App is designed to help your sales reps stay organized and on top of things. They can create leads, sign new customers up, and view profiles for existing customers. Not only that, but they have the ability to access all of the content in your software from the field. By integrating your forms into the mobile processor you can help your reps go completely paperless.

With our Tech App, technicians can work from the field, even without data connectivity, and do everything a tech could dream of. They can optimize routes, get turn-by-turn directions, reschedule jobs with best-fit recommendations, create tasks, see updates in real-time, go paperless, and much more.

With barcode scanning, technicians can also track and report equipment that is placed on jobs. You have the ability to create groups within your technicians, and manage them through each group. The app also utilizes geotracking so you can check in on technicians throughout the day.

In addition to routing and scheduling, your employees have the ability to create tasks, go paperless, and see updates in real time within their app. Everyone is able to stay in the loop with any news through their app, without having to check back in at the office.

Schedule And Manage Appointments

Our pest control scheduling software can make scheduling appointments a breeze for your sales reps.

The software interacts with your personal contacts in the database. This gives you quick and easy access to customers’ information, helping move the process along smoothly.

If you are setting up an initial appointment, you can easily add a new contact to the system.

When scheduling with Briostack, it offers your customers the option to schedule one-time or recurring appointments. Our pest control software is designed with the ability for you to get in touch with your recurring customers. You can reach out via email, text or phone on a scheduled basis.

Do you service Multi-Unit buildings, or work with large corporations? We offer a multi-unit commercial module with specific features and billing options that you can integrate seamlessly into the tech app. With this module, technicians break up and schedule corporate appointments in the most efficient way possible for their schedule.

With the help from our scheduling and routing software, Armor Pest Control was able find more efficient routes for their technicians. This allowed them to eliminate 15 trucks from their fleet and automate their collection process. You can hear about their experience here.


With our software, you have the ability to set up automated text messages, emails or phone calls. We pre-load your account with around 30 automated messages for renewals, service reminders, customer appreciation and more. We even provide ‘we want you back’ marketing to customers who have cancelled their service.

You have the option to establish recurring schedules to send renewal notices, late notices and welcome letters. Our Click To Mail feature is completely flexible and can be used to increase collections and improve customer retention.

Along with automated communication, the software enables automated billing. Briostack supports multiple billing formats and offers payment plan features as well. You can personalize your automations to your company and individualize them for your customers.

Customer Portal

Last but not least, we provide a simple and easy to use online portal for your customers! From there, they can access their billing and service history, make payments and update their billing information. This will take your customer service and communication to a new level, and make it easier to track.

Because the customer portal is integrated into your software, you can update their information quickly. You can also easily add an embedded link to their portal into a text notification letting them quickly access and make a payment or update an expiring card. Customers also have the ability to update notification preferences.

Making it easier for your customers makes it easier for you, and we want to help!


Briostack was started with the goal of building tools that are universal to the pest control industry. Brandon built a pest control scheduling software to help with routing and setting appointments not only to incorporate into his business, but to share with others as well. With the ability to track a series of unique appointments, this software simplifies the whole process for you. As a result, it will save your company time and money.

With our software you are provided secure management of your finances, a simple way to contact and check on your technicians while they are in the field, and the ability to get real time updates regarding appointments, invoicing, etc.

Briostack is full of features that are easy to understand, and the interface is user friendly. In addition to providing a simplified software, we can transfer and upload your current data and get you started quickly and painlessly.

“The way Briostack took our data and was able to integrate it over, was sleek and done so well that it made our job a lot easier. Briostack has provided an amazing solution for scheduling and routing, and we love how you can better optimize your technicians routes for time efficiency. I am sold on Briostack because everything is clean, simple and easy to use.”

– Jerry, Guardian Pest and Lawn

Check out all of our case studies here.

Our mission is simple. We are here to deliver services and products that are so good that nobody can offer a close substitute.

You can learn more about our pest control scheduling software by checking out our website,  or click here to request a FREE Demo.


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